OTHER Services

Design and Installation

Our design experience ranges from the small garden area to the complex multi-site landscape as well as pool and spa surroundings and driveway design. We also design patios, patio furniture, outdoor kitchens, and container gardens. We can do a simple design that does not require a blueprint, or we can do in-depth blueprints, to scale, including mock-ups and plant pallets.

Custom Lighting/Audio

Custom Landscape Lighting is more than just
“adding lights”.  Landscape Solutions is licensed and highly experienced in doing Custom Lighting Designs to fit each home and each landscape. We not only design the lighting, but we also install it. Our lights have 10 year warranties, solid brass fixtures, and are powered by a small transformer. Our lights can be set with a timer, or can be controlled from your smartphone.

Custom Pottery

Pottery is not simply putting some plants in a pot; we design a look to fit exactly what you want. We use custom, hand glazed pottery, so no two pieces are ever exactly alike. We will walk through our pottery warehouse with you until you find that piece that makes you say ‘Wow, that’s the one!” Installing the pottery takes care and expertise. There are 9 different items that need to be installed into the pot; if one or more of these steps are ignored long term health is not likely for your pottery. Call Landscape Solutions, and we will ensure that you get that WOW factor you’ve always dreamt of.