Weekly Maintenance


LANDSCAPE SOLUTIONS LLC provides maintenance crews follow a schedule set up on a four week rotation to insure that all aspects of the job are worked on every week.

Lawns need weekly care:

To look their best, lawns need weekly mowing during the growing season. And rest assured that you’ll get a return on your investment when you choose a weekly lawn care package. Countless studies have shown that grass needs regular mowing, proper fertilization, and regular irrigation to keep it green, healthy, and lush. And if you skimp on lawn care services, your yard will show it when the grass starts to thin out, becomes dominated by weeds, or becomes overgrown.

Dream about a beautiful landscape:

With our weekly landscape maintenance plan, we’ll make your dream landscape a reality. We’ll first visit your property and talk to you about what you want in your ideal landscape. Then, we take that information and design a landscape service schedule just for you.

Garden and Planter Maintenance Tasks:

Hedges are kept hedged and individual plants and small trees are hand pruned. All weeds and litter is removed and the bed raked out. Ground covers are pruned to keep growth away from the buildings, plants, sidewalks, and streets. The sprinkler system is checked and any necessary repairs or adjustments made.

Our rigorous attention to detail and an experienced crew are essential elements that make Landscape Solutions LLC company successful in providing its customers with the highest quality landscape maintenance program possible.