Sod Installation


We specialize in inner-city and suburban sod installation for both residential homes and commercial properties. Our company has taken the time to refine and improve the process of a sod project from start to finish to give you the highest success rate possible.


The professionals at Landscaping Solutions are experts in the art of installing sod. Our installation process ensures that your sod has the best chance of survival.

  1. Delivery: Our sod is cut fresh daily and delivered to your home or business.
  2. Installation: We’ll make sure everything is lined up properly and that there are no gaps.
  3. Adjustments: We’ll apply any special amendments to your new sod based on the specs of your project. (These adjustments are determined by what the environment is like around your lawn.)
  4. Final roll and tamp. This is how we smooth out your sod.
  5. Clean up.  We remove unused sod, pick up debris, and sweep up to make sure your area looks nice.
  6. Water. We’ll leave a detailed set of instructions for watering and caring for your sod so that you can keep it healthy once we’re gone.